"The Value of Things" is the fifth chapter of Volume One.


Yakou Hikoichi enters and explains on the history and purpose of Kakerou. With a Kakerou referee now present, Madarame Baku and Kokonoe Tarou begin deciding their gamble.


Madarame Baku doesn't want ten million, he wants Kokonoe Tarou's Kakerou membership!

Baku proposes, instead of the measly ten million in exchange for Kaji Takaomi's and his own life, how about betting Kokonoe's Kakerou club membership. Although Kokonoe is reluctant, Yakou sees it as a fair bet. This irks Kokonoe. Witnessing this, Baku asks Kokonoe if he is afraid that he'll lose the membership and proposes that he quit before he is eaten. Kokonoe laughs and takes the bet with the ten million as well. The Abandoned Building Escape Game begins, one minute after they leave the room.


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