"The Spirit Breaks" is the eighth chapter of Volume One.


Kaji Takaomi takes hold of the Beretta and is heavily disturbed that it is a real weapon. Madarame Baku takes note of the rest of his equipment meant to kill them and Kaji begins to have a nervous breakdown. He expected at least a gun, but it still is an overwhelming feeling. Out of desperation he shoots a yakuza's car parked outside the building, but Kakerou intervenes, foiling that idea. Baku tells him it wouldn't have worked anyway, and that doing more would only be reckless when Kakerou controls the game. For Kakerou has the strength to even keep even the police out of the game. Kaji, however, has reached his mental limit and struggles to comprehend a way out of the situation.


Baku fires at Kaji's arm.

Baku smiles and raises the gun at Kaji's back, fires by his shoulder, and grazes his arm. This brings Kaji back to reality. Baku tells him to leave the thinking to him and that Kokonoe Tarou will be "eaten by him all too easily." Kaji is grateful that Baku put him back to a normal state of mind and wonders why Baku would waste bullets to do so.

Downstairs, the rest of the gunmen-for-hire scoff at their former comrade's stupidity at getting his equipment stolen. However, with his loss, they proclaim the hunt to be all the more invigorating. They prepare to head toward for roof.


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