"The Pleasure of Murder" is the ninth chapter of Volume One.


The gunman on the roof, now wearing only his underwear, is woken up by one of his comrades. He is mocked for getting his equipment stolen and berated for putting them in more danger. As the comrade threatens to shoot him, he tells them not to get worked up and that he can't hear well from the bullet shot near his ear earlier. He asks why they are getting agitated over his loss when their equipment, sub-machine guns, are much more powerful anyway. They prod him if he told about any of the other traps in the building. He asks what traps, only knowing of the steel cables, as his ears stop ringing. He finally realizes why the voice sounded odd, and that it was Madarame Baku impersonating his comrade while wearing his former gear. Baku calls out his lie and punches him in the face, sending him back to unconsciousness.


Kokonoe Tarou threatens Yakou Hikoichi.

Yakou Hikoichi asks Kokonoe Tarou to heed his advice and send Rodemu out quickly. Kokonoe raises his cane to Yakou's neck and tells him he is overstepping his bounds, and that he doesn't need to interfere when there are still pieces in play. He is far more interested in savoring the kill with Rodemu and threatens to have Yakou killed as well.

Baku proceeds to disable the traps on the sixth and seventh floors. Kaji Takaomi notes that the lights are on now and Baku reminds him that they have the night vision goggles, so this is most likely why. Now they only need to focus on escaping the other three men coming after. To Baku, since Kokonoe's pleasure is taken from the murders, the odds are in their favor. As Kokonoe succumbs to the greed of his murder-pleasure, he grows closer to being defeated since his desire is not to win but to kill. Kaji notices that Baku looks like he is enjoying the game just as well when he makes that statement.

The gunmen are now heading downstairs after Baku and Kaji, discussing how they are going to go about killing them. One of them takes the lead and steps on caltrops and yells irritably. Kaji hears their voices, wondering why they skipped the sixth floor and came right to the seventh. Baku begins to piece things together.


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