"The Man Called Usogui" is the second chapter of Volume Two.


Madarame Baku vows to make Kokonoe Tarou struggle more and more before he is 'eaten.' The pursuer, now a hostage, asks how Kaji Takaomi is covered in blood when neither man is hurt. Baku tells him the way he thinks is taboo in games like these. 'When red comes up repeatedly, the next will be black' or 'There is no way the croupier can make the ball hit the number he wants.' In other words, assumptions make him simple minded! A lot has happened in the pursuit, and all they did was jump to conclusions. The man realizes this mistake, even up to Baku's provocations. He wonders what kind of world that Baku has been living in up to then in order to scheme something so elaborate in such a short time.

Kokonoe Tarou stabs a skull on the wall of the watch room and turns to Yakou Hikoichi. He tells him the skull belonged to a man called Houjou Ryou and he was the one who gave Kokonoe the greatest pleasure of all his gambles. Then he stabs his short sword into the skull. He vows to replace it with Baku and Kaji's skulls at the end and asks Yakou why he acts like he knows so much.


Yakou tells him that he is playing Madarame Baku. Otherwise known as Usogui the Lie Eater! Kokonoe is shocked that the player, who at fifteen took down Kakerou members in the blink of an eye, the one who possesses God's intellect and the devil's calmness, is challenging him. He vows in rage to surpass the man known as Usogui and crushes the skull on the floor. Over the transceiver, he orders his men to kill them both.


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