"The Abandoned Building Game" is the sixth chapter of Volume One.



Madarame Baku suggests to Kaji Takaomi that they head to the roof.

The game starts, and Madarame Baku and Kaji Takaomi attempt to leave the building. Kaji notices the elevators are now off and Baku suggests the stairs. Meanwhile, Kokonoe Tarou is watching them from a separate room with Yakou Hikoichi. He is ruminating on ending their lives and on other lives he has taken in this game. Baku, sensing that the downstairs reeks of blood and death, suggests they head to the roof. He leans on Kaji going up the stairs due to low stamina, and when they get to the roof, he comments on Kaji's strength. Kaji, who was hoping they could jump to another roof is already becoming more nervous as time goes by but Baku tells him to relax, then suddenly asks him to jump off the ledge.

After a while, one of Kokonoe's men comes up the roof with a gun but sees no one there. In the room, Kokonoe enjoys the thought of blood and gore, while Yakou warns him that with such a handicap given, Kokonoe will no doubt lose to the "Lie Eater."


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