"Terror of the Mask" is the fourth chapter of Volume Two.


Kokonoe Tarou congratulates Rodemu on his landing and orders him to show his strength. Kaji Takaomi yells in fear, but Madarame Baku sees something in front of them. A grim reaper, and a real chance that they could die in an instant. His nose runs with blood and as Kaji expresses his fear behind him Baku tells him to run. Those are the only words he is able to say, but then he smiles as they are running and says 'This is fun!.' Kaji doesn't understand what Baku means, but he knows Baku will win. Baku states that nothing has changed since the beginning, he entered the building to win.

Rodemu watches them run with the remaining mercenary beside him. The mercenary is trying to think of a way to kill Rodemu so he can escape. Over the transceiver, Kokonoe tells Rodemu to ignore the runners 'they are the main dish' and to 'get rid of the trash first.' The mercenary attacks Rodemu, but Rodemu uses the walls, floor, and ceiling to dodge his bullets. He tries to follow Rodemu, who has disappeared. He shoots at a side room then notices a broken window. Rodemu, however, was on the ceiling waiting for his back to turn. Over the transceiver, Kokonoe tells the mercenary that is why he is trash. Just by sensing a little danger he becomes completely defensive. That isn't a way to enjoy life at all. To surpass bitterness and the hellfire that burns through your body, bearing wounds, and obtaining things, that is life! If he regrets his life up to now, he will start a new life. With Rodemu now in sight again, the mercenary fires the last of his bullets and misses. Kokonoe berates him for being an amateur and the mercenary tells him that he regrets his life until then and asks to be redeemed. Kokonoe tells him to first deal with his guilt by picking up a bucket and plugging the bullet holes with his fingers. The mercenary does as Kokonoe wonders if something will overflow from it. He asks what will overflow and Rodemu slices his head from his shoulders as Kokonoe tells him to 'look over there to understand.' With the mercenary dead, Kokonoe tells Rodemu that Baku and Kaji are now running upstairs instead of down.

On the fourth floor, Kaji tells Baku he is nearing his limit and suggest they escape as soon as possible. Baku tells him to escape is fine, but that in a sense is boring. Wouldn't it be more interesting to see the old man's remorse for human life and his face filled with regret?


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