Surpass the Leader
Vital statistics
Participants Madarame Baku, Kiruma Souichi
Date Past Timeline
Location  ??

Surpass the Leader Game

Madarame Baku challenges Kiruma Souichi in the Surpassing the Leader game. Referee Yakou Hikoichi oversees the game.

The Rules

Madarame Baku bet on everything that he had against Kiruma Souichi who bet his position as leader of Kakerou, as per tradition.

The Wager

Baku's wager was that there would be air vehicles flying overhead within thirty minutes.



Madarame Baku places his bet against Kiruma Souichi.

Baku noted that the sky was beautiful tonight and suggested that the bet be played for air vehicles passing by within thirty minutes. Kiruma agreed to the bet. Though he was sufficiently confident in his powers to make it happen, Baku's plan had been seen through and the leader had easily gathered his private army beforehand.


Baku's failure and notice that his life will be taken when Kiruma feels like it.

The contest fell to the leader's victory and taking Baku's life was put on hold, to whenever the leader felt like taking it. After his loss, Baku disappeared for an unstated amount of time and all the influence he had was completely destroyed.


Yakou Hikoichi was amazed that Baku smiled.

At the end of the game Baku was smiling even though he lost.