"Passing by the Building" is the fifth chapter of Volume Two.


Yakou Hikoichi is impressed with the power of Rodemu. Kokonoe Tarou explains how he came to acquire such strength for Rodemu. Using secret intel that he found out during his time as a mercenary Kokonoe learned a method of reallocation. There is a certain type of medicine that could be used to draw out latent power and surpass the body's limits. He then reveals that the experiments he used were not just on Rodemu, it was Marco, his son. Rodemu was drawn to the surface of Marco's conscience. After this revelation, Yakou finds himself less impressed and sees Kokonoe as a heretic. Then Yakou remembers the last game he witnessed of Madarame Baku's in comparison to the present.

Usogui, the one who won countless victories in the past and carried a Kakerou membership knows how to tip the scale in his favor. Power is life's fundament. Power attracts and demands obedience. Once he had armed himself with enough of this strength he challenged Kakerou's 21st royal leader, Kiruma Souichi, to the Surpass the Leader gamble. He bet on everything, which included his life, and the leader bet on his position in Kakerou. Baku suggested that the bet be placed on air vehicles passing overhead within thirty minutes. Kiruma agreed. Baku was completely certain he would win the bet, having prepared around 100 air vehicles before the game. However, Kiruma had seen ahead and prepared his own private army against Baku's plan and completely subdued his bet. Thus, Usogui lost everything and was given a warning from Kiruma that he would take his life when he felt like taking it unless he forgot about Usogui entirely and how boring he had been.

As Yakou recalls Baku's ruination and where he has decided to reenter the world by betting his life in such a place he realizes something. That Usogui, on losing everything, had detailed a trick for all of Kakeoru. Including the Royal Leader.


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