Before you are kicked, KICK! Is what Baku onii-chan said.
Marco (マルコ), with the real name of Kokonoe Rodemu (九重 ロデム), is one of the main characters in the manga, Usogui. He is also known as the Devil of the Abandoned Building.

As Marco has chosen to work at Madarame Baku's side, he has avoided his intent to kill, which is heavily due to his upraising by Kokonoe Tarou. Whenever he is stabbed with a needle, however, he will revert to Rodemu and kill nearly everything in his path. As Rodemu, his strength is on par, or stronger than, that of the referees. This is mentioned by Chris Lee.

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Marco as he is first introduced as Rodemu.

When first meeting Madarame Baku and Kaji Takaomi, Marco was under the influence of his adoptive father, Kokonoe Tarou. It is during this time that he attempts to kill them both in the life or death gamble. However, Baku is able to break through the 'spell' on Marco and free him from Rodemu. For all of the killing and evil from before, Marco chooses to atone with Baku, leaving Kokonoe Tarou for good.

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