Labyrinth Game
Vital statistics
Participants Madarame Baku, Kaji Takaomi, Yukiide Kaoru
Date Present Timeline
Location Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department

Labyrinth Game

Madarame Baku and Kaji Takaomi challenge Yukiide Kaoru in the Labyrinth Game. Referee Kadokura Yudai oversees this game.

The Rules

The players offer a memory to Yukiide Kaoru in exchange for money. Depending on the date, even if it is on the board or not; a judgement is made on what it is worth.

The Wager

Kaji Takaomi's wager is worth 100 million yen.


Madarame Baku and Kaji Takaomi first learn of the Labyrinth game from a defeated opponent. He tells them it is a 'no-risk wager' and there is 'no money needed' to engage the game. Kaji regards that and in the same train of thought knows only Baku would be able to tell if the defeated man was lying. As they follow the trail, logging into a website called G-Game under the name 'Mutasharrid', joining a Shoji corner to meet 'Galb Ghafiru', they finally meet the man who runs the no-risk game. Kaji plays the first game. The other player beats him then asks if he wants money. Baku says he does, now intrigued. Kaji sets up a meeting then leaves to the designated location.

Kaji Takaomi vs Yukiide Kaoru

Madarame Baku vs Yukiide Kaoru