Kokonoe Tarou (九重 大郎) is the adoptive father of Marco. He used Marco, as Rodemu, to kill those who dared to compete against his Abandoned Building Escape Game.


Kokonoe is a very small man in his old age but in his prime he was quite muscular. He has three hairs on his head left and often has a cane with him.


He lives for the thrill of killing after taking away everything but a person's "hope" to survive. This gave him the ultimate pleasure to take that inkling of chance away.

Abandoned Building Escape Game

Madarame Baku and Kaji Takaomi challenged him for his Kakerou Membership. Throughout the game his chances to kill them are thwarted and even with Rodemu, he loses everything to Baku. Kaji receives his membership after the game and he is left with nothing, crawling around with madness at the loss of Rodemu and his own failure.