Kakerou(賭郎) is an underground gambling organization with 48 members exclusively.



Kiruma Kagerounosuke the founder of Kakerou.

The history of Kakerou goes back before the year 441. The first founder of the club was Kiruma Kagerounosuke. He would punish clans that tried to refuse payment of lost bets. At first he watched over only those of villagers, but his watch soon encompassed merchants, samurai, and even feudal lords. The type of people that used him changed, and so in the same, he began to oversee only those with power. The biggest reason for such a strong following was their ability to most definitely collect. At first, powerful ninja would collect the losers' bets, especially those in power or rank in society. Thanks to this way of operating, Kakerou earned trust easily and soon spread roots deeply through the country.

Royal Leader

The title of Royal Leader has been passed down through twenty one generations since Kiruma Kagerounosuke founded Kakerou. The current Royal Leader of Kakerou is Kiruma Souichi.



Referee Kadokura Yudai watches over Madarame Baku's winnings.

A referee is a neutral party that attends to the games played between or for Kakerou members. The referees can also choose to battle each other since the reconstituting of ranks by Kiruma Souichi during the Hangman Game. By using their handkerchiefs as a signal of challenge for a higher rank, and once the battle begins, they have ten seconds to incapacitate the opponent. While it is fine for a referee to favor one member over another, it often leads the referee into dire straits as seen with Mekama Kirou during the Hangman Game. There are also exclusive referees.

Debt Collector

A debt collector gathers the losers' debts by any means necessary.


A sweeper keeps the enemies of Kakerou at bay or chases down those that have attempted to leave Kakerou.