Kadokura Yudai (門倉 雄大) is a referee of Kakerou.


Kadokura is a man who dresses in a sharp black suit and wears a pompador hairstyle, something which he had since his younger days. After his battle with Minowa Seiichi , his left eye becomes badly damage and because so, wears a eyepatch for the remainder of the series.


Kadokura exerts a calm personality and is very serious about his job. Although when he saw Amako Seiichi  licking Madarame Baku's  shoes, he couldn't help but have a smug look on his face.

Labyrinth Game

Kadokura was the referee for this gamble between Madarame Baku and Yuukiide Kaoru. When Kaoru was defeated by Baku, Kadokura was going to kill him on the spot until Baku prevented him from doing so stating the he was "already gone".


Kadokura vs the Minotaur(Minowa Seiichi)