"Everything is a Gamble" is the seventh chapter of Volume One.


Yakou Hikoichi's warning is laughed off by Kokonoe Tarou. He remarks that even if Baku is a famous gambler it doesn't matter. His men are 'rooks and bishops' compared to the empty handed 'pawns' that chose to challenge him. Yakou sighs and thinks on that foolish train of thought, how gambling is not about casinos and horse races. To living things "life" is the victory and the continuation of life is a gamble in itself.

On the roof, Baku has taken place above the door to watch one of Kokonoe's men scout the area. He knows they are hiding, and remarks so to the others over a transceiver. Then, he turns his pistol over his shoulder and shoots at Baku who ducks. Baku takes a chance and proposes a deal to the man, he will hand over the ten million if the man will let them escape. He agrees and asks Baku to toss the money out where he can see it. As Baku stands he sees the other man has backed up to the roof's edge in order to aim better. As he is about to be shot, Kaji grabs the man's legs from his hiding place over the roof ledge and crushes the mercenary's balls against the barrier.


Baku calls the gunman a liar.

Baku crouches before the twitching gunman and resolutely calls him a liar. He grabs the gunman's Beretta and shoots by his ear, proclaiming it cheerily so the transceiver sends the message.

Kokonoe asks what's wrong over the channel and receives no answer. Yakou smiles and remarks that 'the pawn has won against the rook.'


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