Die, yobbo!
Billy Craig
Billy Craig (ビリー・クレイグ) also known as "Caracal." He is a member of IDEAL and works for the American Embassy.


He has cropped hair and is often seen wearing three-piece suits. He usually has a snide expression.


Billy Craig is an exceptional fighter and incredibly racist. He doesn't like men touching him but has no problem touching women. He refers to most of the person's he meets as 'monkeys' and if they are fighting, usually followed by 'Die, Yobbo!' a slang of the English word 'boy.' He later states that he hates gambles.

Hangman Game

After the Hangman Game, Billy Craig approaches Kakerou in order to take over. He meets with Mizue Yuuko, along with backup on both sides, to negotiate terms. No terms are met, however, as Billy offers little more than a show of force to overtake Kakerou. Unhappy with this turnabout, He proceeds to fight Mizue, Chris Lee, and, Ron. Eventually, he twists both of the men's necks backwards for fun while yelling his signature quote in the process. After killing them, Yakou Jouichi appears to take care of him instead. Though they fight for a few minutes, the police violate an intervention ban and begin to arrive. Kakerou leaves Billy Craig to be collected by them as they find out he is a third rank secretary at the American Embassy.

Labyrinth Game