"Awakening" is the third chapter of Volume Two.


Madarame Baku has easily dispensed of three of Kokonoe Tarou's assassins. Kaji Takaomi still feels insecure even after taking them out, and gaining hostages. Baku tells him to not worry and to hide with him for a moment to avoid unnecessary fights.

Yakou Hikouichi asks Kokonoe of his plan, and Kokonoe tells him he plans to win by any means. The pawns are useful now only to keep Usogui in the building. He brings out a needle and walks over to the man who was standing with him earlier. Marco. Plunging the needle into Marco's neck, Kokonoe calls for Rodemu to take over, for it's hunting time! As Rodemu awakens, he breaks the thumb restraints and slams out the door to give chase. Over the transceiver, Kokonoe tells him to kill everyone else in the building. The other mercenaries protest, but Kokonoe doesn't take back his word and tells them to 'Shut up and die.' At superhuman speed, Rodemu dispatches the two mercenaries on the upper floors then uses a rope to latch onto the barrier on the roof and swing toward the third floor.

One of the hostages with Baku and Kaji tells them that the rest of the floors below them aren't so heavily armed and he will help them escape before 'he' catches up to them. Kaji wonders who he means and Baku surmises someone closer to the old man. As he says this, Rodemu smashes through a side room window, uses the door as footing to enter the hallway, and crushes a hostage behind it.


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