"A Feast of Screams" is the first chapter of Volume Two.


Madarame Baku and Kaji Takaomi's pursuers have reached their floor. While Kaji is still on edge, Baku reassures him, then asks for the beretta. Kaji, in his nervous state, drops the gun and it falls away down the hall. He offers to get it but Baku grabs him and they leave it behind. The pursuers hear the noise and make their way forward. There are two hallways, and after discussing their opponents, the taller of the two men decide to make a pincer attack. As they usually do, sticking to the fun of the hunt.

Baku is already out of breath again with the dagger in hand. Out of sight, the smaller pursuer checks the second hallway for wire traps and finds none. The first pursuer notices the traps are still in the first hallway. As he prepares to cut them, his partner laughs. He found the beretta abandoned by Baku and Kaji. Kokonoe Tarou begins to celebrate as the pursuer rushes ahead and a scream is heard. Finding a large amount of blood, and Kaji crawling away, the first pursuer begins to move in to help finish off the opponents.


However, all of this amounted to Baku's cunning, and he had already moved around behind with Kaji as bait. Kaji stands up as Baku holds the gun at the first pursuer's head. He mocks Kokonoe over the transceiver, telling him in order to beat him, he needs to get more serious. He is a pro at tricking others.


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